Site Surveys, Services & Maintenance

VisionMax provide all power services to Telecoms towers, DC power provisioning, AC service and maintenance, solar system installations and maintenance, also conduct site survey.






Tower Rigging

Tower RiggingVisonMax has a trained team of riggers with all the certified certificates to carryout site surveys, and design site access.The company also carries out structural design of the tower, foundations, generator plinth and structural analysis of buildings for rooftop sites.







Air Conditioner Systems

site_surveysThe Air conditioners are maintained by a team of experts who ensure that all the units are running at all times. To ensure this, standard checklist is used for thorough services of the equipment.






Solar Systems

solar_systemWe ensure the solar systems are delivering optimum power output by carrying out periodic preventive maintenance. This involves carrying out visual inspections to locate any damage on solar panel.